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Give Yourself a Nudge will show you how to discover the decisions you need to make to improve your business and your life — and how to be smarter when you make them.

For real success, you need a decision making process that looks at your values and objectives and you identify what decisions you can address before the world brings you a problem.

Based on over thirty years of experience gathered by studying decision-making and consulting with businesses and governments on many extremely complex challenging decisions, Ralph Keeney’s Give Yourself a Nudge will teach you the skills you need to obtain the ultimate advantage in business and in life: making smarter decisions. To see a collection of short videos about the book, click here.

Book Endorsements

“Read this book to build your wealth or bolster your health. Using practical advice wrapped in accessible language, distinguished decision-making expert Ralph Keeney explains how to identify and analyze critical decisions in your life, how to enrich your set of alternative choices, and how to value possible outcomes. It is precisely the primer you need to foster better choices in your professional or personal life.”

Richard Zeckhauser, Frank P. Ramsey Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University, USA

Ralph Keeney introduces an innovative perspective: don’t try to select the best option when facing a choice, but create better choices. Be your own choice architect! The book provides plenty of evidence and convincing arguments for this claim and is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their decision-making skills.

Ortwin Renn, Scientific Director, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany

This book details innovative, yet practical, gems to nudge you toward making better choices that will undoubtedly enhance the quality of your life. Without grasping such life-enhancing opportunities, you will be at the mercy of life ‘as it happens’.

James M. Tien, Distinguished Professor and Dean Emeritus of the College of Engineering, University of Miami, and Foreign Secretary, National Academy of Engineering

Making better decisions is the best way to improve your business and your life. Ralph Keeney, a globally recognized expert in decision analysis, provides a practical approach to decision making by applying scholarly research to how we live and work.

Bill Klimack, Decision Analysis Manager

Facing complicated decisions? Read this book to learn how to move from confusion to clarity and make smarter decisions.

Detlof von Winterfeldt, Professor, University of Southern California, and Director, Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events

In this exceptionally readable and interesting book, Ralph Keeney highlights ways that we all can use to improve our decision-making process by using our values and objectives to create and compare different alternatives. You will be rewarded personally by following the guidelines from this book.

Howard Kunreuther, Co- Director of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center and James G.Dinan Professor Emeritus of Decision Sciences and Public Policy, University of Pennsylvania

Learn how to consider your goals and values before any important decision, and take advantage of decision opportunities. Ralph Keeney has done a great service in making this kind of advice available to the general public, which previously was available only from expensive decision consultants.

Vicki Bier, Decision Analyst and Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ralph Keeney’s new book is an inspiring nudge to us all; he coaches us to keep giving ourselves nudges to make better decisions. The book is packed with ideas for designing better alternatives based on what matters to you.

L. Robin Keller, Professor of Operations and Decision Technologies, University of California, Irvine

When we can’t have one of the world’s leading decision analysts at our side when making the choices vital to our lives, the next best thing is to heed Ralph Keeney’s advice about what really matters in defining the decision we face, specifying our objectives and creating better alternatives to consider.

Paul Slovic, President of Decision Research and Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon

Ralph Keeney has distilled a distinguished career’s insights into a practical guide to decision making that produces creative, rich results. This essential book encourages us to ‘nudge’ ourselves towards embracing decision opportunities and expanding the range of alternatives to consider.

Ken Peterson, Board Chair, BC Hydro

No-one has more hands-on experience than Ralph Keeney about what it takes for each of us to take charge of our lives. In a book full of instructive anecdotes, the author distills a career’s worth of insight that will move you – finally – to action.

David E. Bell, Professor, Harvard Business School